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Want to deeply understand the connection between your menstrual & mental health

so you can be more motivated & productive?

In 4 months, learn how to chart your cycle as a form of natural birth control, discover the hidden reason behind your

inconsistent energy levels... without using hormonal birth control.

Imagine If...

... you had a reliable form of birth control that finally eliminated the question mark that lingers during intimacy. 

... you were more motivated & energized to tackle your to-do list and accomplish your goals.

... you could experience more predictable moods & productive energy throughout your cycle.

... you knew how to interpret cervical mucus, basal body temperature & ovulation testing to properly avoid pregnancy.


... you could be productive with more energy & less stress.

... you were able to accurately predict the day of your period without a fancy app.

... you were able to finally stop procrastinating, actually get shit done, and see REAL progress in your career & personal life.

... you had on-demand mentorship & guidance for whenever you feel "stuck" - and you never had to feel alone or overwhelmed.

Want to make this your reality?

Menstrual Mental Health is your blueprint to achieve all

of this, and more.


Your Blueprint To Self-Development & Natural Birth Control

Menstrual Mental Health (MMH) is a 4-month, step-by-step course that helps you avoid pregnancy naturally & gain confidence in your hormonal fluctuations, by charting your cycle. 

Regardless of past experience, current form of birth control or fertility awareness knowledge... MMH is here to give you the blueprint to overcoming procrastination, taking control of your fertility, and living a more productive lifestyle. All without spending money on condoms or hormonal birth control to manage your symptoms.

When you join, you'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (science of ovulation, cervical mucus, basal body temperature, ovulation testing, discipline & mindset strategies, and more)  through the detailed 8-module curriculum. 

Inside MMH, you'll gain access to UNLIMITED daily support inside the support Slack portal, and 1:1 video calls to help you understand your unique cycle patterns, and make lasting change in your life. 

Menstrual Mental Health is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY...


And that's why this is the one and ONLY comprehensive, results-driven menstrual and mental health program you will EVER come across. 

What MMH Students Are Saying

The Curriculum

STEP 1: Fundamentals of Charting

Your energy is influenced by your infradian rhythm: the second biological clock that controls the menstrual cycle. Biomarkers such as cervical mucus, ovulation testing & body temperature help you determine which hormone is currently influencing you. You’ll learn to recognize your unique cycle patterns, then you’ll take a deep dive into the science of how your infradian rhythm operates. 

STEP 2: Natural Birth Control

Your fertile window is communicated through each biomarker. You’ll learn how to accurately read your chart to confidently determine your safe days - so you can use fertility awareness as a natural & side-effect free form of birth control. If you’d like to have children in the future, these rules are simple to flip around to achieve pregnancy. You’ll develop the confidence to use fertility awareness throughout the evolution of your reproductive lifespan, from now until menopause.

STEP 3: Programming Your Mind For Success

Living a life of confidence & ease is simply 80% mindset and 20% mechanics - and even if you feel like your mindset is top notch, you'll be amazed at what's been holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. In this step, you'll uncover all the subconscious patterns that cause self-doubt, overwhelm & self-sabotage. You'll learn how to rewire your brain to think clearly so you can be more efficient & productive in your career & personal life. 

STEP 4: Integrating Into Your Lifestyle

Learn how to integrate fertility awareness into your action-oriented life so you can experience stable moods & energy every day. You will learn ways to support your hormones, naturally, so you can truly become the best version of yourself. You’ll set up a customized full-proof structure that makes staying disciplined, energized and at ease… your new normal. Finally, you’ll learn how to make this lifestyle sustainable so you can achieve your dreams & goals for the rest of your reproductive lifespan and beyond. 

Meet Your Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor


Hey lady, I'm Mary. I'm honored to share Menstrual (Mental) Health Program with you because I know how it feels to read every self-help book, listen to every mental health podcast... yet, continue to struggle with procrastination & feeling "hormonal". 

I studied psychology in college, but it wasn't until years later when I started charting my cycle with fertility awareness - that IT CLICKED. What my professors & self-awareness books all overlooked: how to handle hormonal fluctuations within the menstrual cycle.

Not only has charting helped me avoid pregnancy naturally... it also was the gateway to rebuilding self-trust & confidence to overcome procrastination. I discovered the ultimate time management system that supports my hormones (& thus, reduces PMS!). By studying the deep science of my cycle, I became more productive & less stressed from living a lifestyle aligned with my cycle. 

That's when the ultimate menstrual & mental health program came to life: natural birth control and a lifestyle guide to living with hormonal fluctuations. I created a signature methodology that would support you in achieving your dreams... that is how Menstrual (Mental) Health began.

If you are ready to be less stressed & more productive in the next 4 months...