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Mary Nordahl has been in the holistic sexual health industry since 2015. As a public speaker, social media advocate & transformation coach... her passion is to see women reclaim their personal power through the knowledge of their bodies. 

Mary specializes in "female biohacking", helping clients improve their mental health, productivity levels & relationships. She has supported women in regaining control over their fertility, advocating for their health needs (with practitioner, partner, etc), and making sense of the subtle ways hormonal fluctuations impact their mood & energy levels. MARY'S EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND in psychology & leadership, combined with a fertility awareness certification & personal research in women's hormone health is the foundational springboard for her life changing work. 

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Mary has successfully inspired and educated over 3K women to reconnect with their infradian rhythm, the second biological clock that controls the menstrual cycle.  Drawing upon her certification from Fertility Education & Medical Management (FEMM), she supports her clients in understanding how hormones communicate health & fertility through biomarkers (cervical mucus, basal body temperature, etc). HER SERVICES INCLUDE avoiding pregnancy without contraceptive pill / IUD, recognizing & reducing hormonal imbalances, women's leadership & time management hacks as well as spiritual, energetic & mental health services.


Nordahl has supported women in their 20s-30's (peak reproductive years) in the United States, Europe, Africa, Central America & more. In an effort to reduce cycle symptoms (moody pms, acne, cramps, etc), Mary prioritizes biohacking her schedule as a full-time Mom & business owner to optimize her productivity levels. In turn, Mary teaches women how to achieve their fullest potential while enhancing their personal & professional relationships simply by living in flow with their natural cyclical rhythm.

Mary started practicing female biohacking (or "cycle syncing") in an effort to reduce her own period problems. Through research & implementation, she uncovered the silent epidemic of women suffering from hormonal disorders & imbalances. Biohacking pioneers, like Alissa Vitti, provide Mary with the science-based framework for eliminating women's health issues & revolutionizing their life. She educates women in understanding how the menstrual cycle impacts five key biological systems: the brain, immune system, metabolism, gut health and stress response. 

Currently, society is built around a male-based 24-hour hormonal cycle. Women's hormonal cycle functions on a 28-day clock. In an effort to be treated as "equal" to men, the result has caused a complete dismissal & disconnect from their cyclical nature.  The price of women forcing their bodies to produce like a (male) robot has been one of the major causes of physical & mental issues like PCOS, endometriosis, chronic fatigue & depression. BIOHACKING HELPS WOMEN learn how to leverage their hormonal superpower, in order to experience greater life satisfaction, achieve their goals & improve longterm health.

MARY'S VISION FOR THE FUTURE is to normalize the prioritization of cyclical living by empowering leaders & change-makers to create a menstrual positive world. She enhances women's leadership skills by equipping them with the science & evidence based information needed to confidently advocate for women's health needs.  

Before starting her coaching practice, Nordahl served as Director of Operations for a non-profit that educated local grade schools & high schools about holistic sexual health. During the course of her four-year tenure, she presented 384 talks to roughly 86,000 teens & adults. 

Nordahl holds a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership. She is dual certified in Teen and Adult Instruction from FEMM (Fertility Education & Medical Management).

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