by Mary Nordahl


Meet Mary

Every menstrual cycle, after my period ends, I renew my goals.


This time of the cycle (pre-ovulatory phase) is a time when hormones influence brain chemistry to be future focused. I use this cycle superpower to my advantage & set intentions for the cycle ahead.

Therefore, every month, I sit down and ask myself what habits I'm hoping to create (& maintain) to become my highest self. This looks like revisiting my goals & dreams for health, fitness, relationships and more. 

And each pre-ovulatory phase I also look within and ask:

"If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with my time?"

I'd definitely be living with my husband & two kids in a log cabin / cottage style home. I'd wake up slowly, enjoy a cup of coffee on my deck while enjoying the sights and sounds of a nearby creek. I envision myself living in cozy woods with my fireplace to snuggle up and reflect on life. Perhaps I'd be writing books that spark inspiration in others to experience the most out of life... yes, that's the dream. My lifestyle will evolve as my two toddler girls grow up. I like the idea of providing my own food, so I imagine I would be tending to a garden. My husband has a small pilot's license, so it would be cool to own an airplane & travel to national parks, etc with our girls/alone.


^^This is just the tip of the iceberg of how I dream of living my life. I share this because on every one of my discovery calls, I ask you what your dreams are. Only seems fair that I share, too. 

But I would definitely still be teaching in some fashion, because otherwise my growth would be stunted. I enjoy the challenge of hard work, serving & supporting others in their healing journey.


Here is what I would teach & why: 

For years I struggled with my mental health (high functioning anxiety, depression, mood swings, insecurity, borderline PMDD procrastination, motivation struggles, undiagnosed ADHD). I stumbled into the realization that my mental health was effected by but equally improved... just by understanding my menstrual cycle. Despite earning my bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a woman's menstrual cycle barely made it into my study materials. 


What started as a need for side-effect free birth control, turned into the key that unlocked my healing journey.


I witness soooo many women living in ignorance of how powerfully impactful & supportive the menstrual cycle can be in accelerating the healing journey by providing structure for self-development so they can heal their hormones naturally & decrease PMS. This is why, even if I had alllllll the money in the world, I would still work, teach, serve and create the educational & transformative information that changed my life.