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your menstrual & mental health are intimately intertwined. 

What is Fertility Awareness Path?

Your path with fertility awareness is unique to you.

        Fertility awareness = self awareness. 

All human beings have the circadian rhythm. But women have a second clock, the infradian rhythm.

The menstrual cycle, controlled by the infradian rhythm, influences your metabolism, stress response, gut health, immune system & brain chemistry.

Each week of the cycle, estrogen & progesterone impact mood & energy levels in subtle ways. 

This causes variations in motivation, productivity and resilience to the everyday stressors of life. It impacts women's professional & personal lives in profound ways. 


But here's the thing.

Most women have no idea what's going on between periods. When this hormonal influence is ignored, they start to believe this lie that women are just "hormonal" and "unstable" compared to men's more consistently predictable hormone cycle.

So in adolescence, a young girl submits herself to several decades of PMS, fluctuating energy levels, mood swings and more. 

Their mental health suffers. They're prescribed the pill or antidepressants. Their familial, intimate, and professional relationships struggle. 

It's time to step into feminine power & rewrite the narrative that surrounds the menstrual cycle experience.


It's time to challenge the belief that the only way women can reliably manage their fertility is through hormonal birth control.


It's time to shift the collective attitude towards menstrual cycles as something to be honored & revered as a natural process experienced by a cyclical being. 

Anxiety, depression, PMS and procrastination are a product of living in ignorance of how influential the infradian rhythm is on mental health. If we want to truly be in control of fertility, physical & mental health, we must choose the path of fertility awareness.

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We must understand why we feel different week to week.

We must repair the connection between body & mind. Mental health is impacted by menstrual health, and vice versa.


The healing journey is accelerated when this puzzle piece is given the spotlight. 

If we want to step into our full potential, we must learn how to own our hormones and deeply understand how those fluctuations support our evolution. 

When we start gaining awareness of our fertility, we become more connected to ourselves & to our spirit. And ultimately, to the beautifully cyclical way that nature is mysteriously designed.

This is what Fertility Awareness Path is. An online platform where I support you in a 1:1 container for the length of time that fits your busy lifestyle best.


Daily support is offered inside the student community messaging hub to connect with like-minded women who are journeying alongside you on your path with fertility awareness. 


This basic fertility awareness course walks you through the fundamentals of natural birth control by learning how the menstrual cycle works. You'll walk away from the 6 week (or 3 month VIP option) understanding the deep science behind how cervical mucus, basal body temperature & LH testing reflect your hormonal shifts to properly manage your fertility & health from now until menopause. 

This course includes daily messaging support, prerecorded videos, worksheets + quizzes for enhanced skill development in addition to zoom calls for one-on-one attention to your unique menstrual cycle needs. 




The most popular package, MMH uses Cycle Clue's 6 week curriculum while layering on in-depth study of how the menstrual cycle impacts mood & energy levels from a psychological & spiritual perspective. Women who struggle with procrastination, time management, stress & anxiety are welcomed into the MMH transformative timeline. 

Bi-weekly 1:1 calls enable us to dig deeper into the daily habits and barriers to self-empowerment that are holding you back from getting the most out of your life. We'll work together to rewire your menstrual mindset to view your mental health from a cyclical lens, lending your heart to greater self-love and acceptance of who you are as a cyclical being. 

MMH also includes unlimited messaging support, prerecorded videos as well as individualized attention to help you confidently achieve your dreams & goals by learning how to get more done with less effort by efficiently capitalizing on your hormonal strengths. 

*Currently closed for 2022 enrollment.

Instead of putting clients through a group program where you blend in with the other students, I stay committed to supporting ultimate growth inside my programs through 1:1 attention. 

I've discovered that the women who choose to work with me are ambitious & dedicated leaders who crave companionship in their growth journey. This is why I house all my students in the same messaging hub to facilitate the birth of a community of period pioneers.  


So while I provide a structure for growth & evolution, there's a balance of self-led curiosity to look inward and shed what no longer serves you. 

My methodology is only one piece of the puzzle in your journey of discovering who you are as a cyclical being. 

I provide the container, support & guidance while you enter the butterfly chrysalis to ultimately remember that all you need is already inside of you. 

I invite you on this path of fertility awareness. To break free of the false narratives that holds you back from your fullest potential.

Welcome home. I'm honored to hold space for your journey back to you.

If you're curious to learn more, take a moment to tell me more about yourself so we can connect further on a discovery call!

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