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Want to be more productive & feel less overwhelmed just by aligning life with your cycle?

In 5 months, learn how to achieve more goals & manage stress more effectively... all without using a complex organizational system or another pretty planner. 


IMAGINE IF... could keep on top of your to-do lists AND still have time for rest?

... your cycle helped you stay focused and efficient in pursuit of your personal & professional goals?

... you were able to feel less-stressed & more consistent with your productivity levels?

without extra coffee or waiting until you’re finally motivated in order to get things done?



Your Roadmap to Reaching Your Full Potential 

Menstrual Mental Health (MMH) is a 5 month, step-by-step mentorship that helps women reach MORE goals, by aligning with your menstrual cycle.

Regardless of how much you've achieved, cycle knowledge or current stress-levels... MMH is here to give you the roadmap to becoming your most authentic self, reaching your biggest goals and living a fulfilling life. All without relying on caffeine, or waiting until you're inspired to get sh*t done.

I'm here to turn you into a confident & highly motivated woman.

You'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know (cycle science, time management, productivity hacks, stress management and more) through live-trainings & supplemental workshops.

Each week, you'll be given a new skill to implement - and by the end of 5 months, you'll have a full system set up to attack your goals & accomplish more with less effort.

Inside MMH, you will gain UNLIMITED daily support inside our 1:1 Voxer container. In addition, you'll receive weekly live calls (30-90 minutes in length) to customize the curriculum to your unique learning needs.

Individualized, on-demand mentorship is only a click away.

Menstrual Mental Health is the perfect blend of EDUCATION, ACCOUNTABILITY, SUPPORT & ACTION...

And that's why this is the #1 cycle-focused self-improvement course for High Achievers. You'll just have to join the fun to find out for yourself... 



You consume podcasts, motivational quotes & read self-development books to help you "push through" and get sh*t done.

You "like" and save a bunch of inspiring ideas on social media because you want to have a more fulfilling (& organized) life.

You feel called to really big dreams and keep telling yourself "one day".

If the statements above describe YOU...

Menstrual Mental Health is your perfect solution.


I support you with LIVE trainings, as well as unlimited daily support.

I teach you how to use your cycle as a self-development tool for becoming your most authentic self.

I am 100% results driven - I care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose & holistic transformation.

I provide supplemental trainings based on your unique learning needs. 




MONTH 1: Thriving As A Cyclical Being

In our first month, we'll break down how the cycle impacts your stress & productivity levels.  You'll understand the science of your cycle & how your hormones influence your daily (inconsistent) motivation. PS - an optional workshop on using your cycle as natural birth control is available during Month 1.

MONTH 2: Goal-Oriented Mindset

Your entire world will be turned around (in a good way!) in Month 2. You'll finally understand the root cause of your perfectionism, procrastination and other behavior patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals. Your relationship with stress & productivity will be dramatically shifted as a result of this hands-on training. Once you finally understand the hidden mental programming that slows you down - you'll innately think & ACT like a high performer.

MONTH 3: Staying Consistently Motivated

If you keep waiting to feel "inspired" to take action, your dreams are destined to die with you. That's why, in Month 3, we focus on the foundational principles of productivity and time management. You'll discover the secrets of Motivation Science - a formula that helps you understand exactly how to set intentional goals so you can go after your biggest, scariest dream with UNSHAKEABLE confidence.

MONTH 4: Leveraging Your Cycle Super Powers

Get ready to be UNSTOPPABLE in the pursuit of your goals. In Month 3, we'll identify what times of the cycle to focus on planning, action or reflection. You'll learn which phases are best suited for creative-type tasks versus detail-oriented projects. Get ready to transform the way you attack habits & goals by working WITH your cycle, instead of against it. No more feeling scattered or grabbing an extra latte to push through - you'll finally be naturally productive.

MONTH 5: Integration Support

Want to make sure all this new information actually changes your life post-MMH? In our final weeks together, we'll fine-tune & tweak the Infradian Management System to your busy schedule in order to maximize your results. We'll create a customized action plan that is guaranteed to support your next stage of evolution. This final month of help is the secret sauce that most coaching programs fail to offer. Integrating MMH material with an extra cushion of support creates the ultimate boost in confidence you need to finally live the life of your dreams.



Well then... you've arrived at the verrrryyy bottom of this page, which can only mean one thing... you're wondering "who the heck put all this together?"... You're looking at her ;)

I'm Mary Nordahl, and I created Menstrual Mental Health for one reason: I know how it feels to be you. During my self-development journey, I was a wanna-be high achiever: inconsistent discipline, fleeting motivation and subpar results. It was struggle city, ya feel me?

I was the queen of reading self-help books, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: you can have all the knowledge & experimentation in the world... but unless you know how to ALIGN WITH YOUR CYCLE... it's near impossible to stay consistently motivated in order to achieve your dreams.

Because I lacked cycle knowledge, I struggled for YEARS to make any progress on my goals. During my mission to master cyclical living, I was able to: 

- run a full-time coaching business as a stay at home Mom of two preschool aged girls

- go from couch potato to becoming a daily walker (rain or shine, baby!)

- develop a weekly meal plan system that incorporates hormonally supportive foods

- start & run a successful podcast with over 100+ subscribers

- enhance my self-discipline to stay distraction-free while working

I achieved all of these goals by designing the Infradian Management System, which utilizes your cycle power to get sh*t done with less stress. So, I put together a comprehensive program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to become my most authentic self - just by honoring my cyclical nature.

Listen - I have had setbacks AND successes, and here's what I know: as a woman, you feel a deep calling to create, serve & live a fulfilling life. But in order to become your best (highly focused) self, you need to learn how to leverage your cycle for unstoppable motivation.

That's where I come in, girlfriend! Let me mentor you to become your best self by using the power of your menstrual cycle. Your big dreams are counting on you. 

If you are ready to create a productive & fulfilling life in the next 5 months...

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