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by Mary Nordahl

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Menstrual Mental Health

Your mental health is intimately intertwined with your menstrual health. Tune in for menstrual mindset shifts from Certified Fertility Awareness Instructor, Mary Nordahl.

Procrastination Workshop

90 Minute Replay + Resources

  • The Menstrual Mindset Shifts to Reestablish Self-Trust & Confidence

  • 3 Proven Strategies That Convert Overthinking into Productive Action

  • Signature Infradian Management System to Get More Done with Less Effort

  • Become Incredibly Confident & Kickass With Your To-Do List

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Monthly tips for aligning with your cycle

Menstrual Mindset Shifts & Practical Tips for Living A Lifestyle of Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Paper Chart

Free Download: Cycle Tracking

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